Helping Others Boosts Happiness and Health (2 min read) Having recently returned from a working holiday trip to Tanzania, a place that I visited in 2011 and that continues to draw me back, I’ve been reflecting on why it holds such appeal to me. One might think that volunteering at a children and women’s centre [...]

3 Steps to Avoid Unpleasant Arguments (2.5 min read) When couples fight, they often report going over the same problems time and again. Furthermore, many people express frustration around not feeling heard by their partners during an argument, and nothing really changing afterwards. This is a problem seeing as the root of most arguments lies [...]

A Visualization to Prevent Your Next Downward Spiral (3 min read) In my field of work, I see several clients struggling with chronic stress and anxiety. These individuals often find themselves pulled into habitual and problematic thinking patterns, which usually include (in cognitive behavioural therapy terms) catastrophic thinking, worrying and over-planning, should-ing, rumination, black and [...]

Overcoming Resistance: How I Learned to Love Online Counselling (3 min read) As a general rule of thumb, we develop behavioural patterns as a result of learned experience. If a behaviour has served us in the past, we’ll repeat it in the future, and as long as we feel that it benefits us, we’ll engage [...]

Sometimes, the Answer Lies in the "How," Not the "Why" (2 min read) We often search for answers to life’s big questions: “Why did this happen to me?”… “Why didn’t that?”... “What’s the point of it all?”… We feel like we need to have the answers in order to relax, let go, carry on with [...]

To Become Whole, First Let Yourself be Broken (2 min read) I often work with clients on the concept of having “two selves” within the context of our personal psychology (see my previous blog post here). In very simplified terms, the idea is that unhelpful and helpful versions of ourselves compete for dominance at any [...]

Learning to Love Thyself (2 min read) With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, love is in the air, but instead of focusing merely on romantic love, it’s important to consider the love that we have for ourselves (self-love!). So many of us are conditioned to think that we need to have the love of a romantic [...]

10 Ways to Practice Holiday Gratitude (2 min read) With the holiday season now upon us, many of us are rejoicing at time away from school or the office. As much as the break is greatly anticipated however, many of us tend to fill up ever spare moment so that, come the end of vacation [...]

Mindful Forgiveness: Finding Peace in the Hurt (4 min read) For many, forgiveness is viewed as a way of giving in, making allowances or excuses, letting another person “win,” or showing weakness. For the unforgiving, grudges are held, intense emotions are clung onto with a sense of desperation, for the purpose of fighting back, trying [...]

"Riding The Wave": A Tool for Processing Uncomfortable Emotions (4 min read) We are creatures of desire, us human beings, and we are constantly driven by what we seek. It doesn’t matter where we come from or what our backgrounds are, what we have in common is this simple fact: That we desire to get [...]